1. Do you find yourself thinking about gambling activities at odd times of the day and/or planning the next time you will play?
  2. Do you find the need to spend more and more money on gambling activities?
  3. Do you become restless, tense, fed-up, bad tempered when trying to cut down or stop gambling?
  4. Do you ever gamble as a way of escaping from problems?
  5. After spending money on gambling activities do you play again another day to try to win your money back? (more than half the time)
  6. Do you lie to your family and friends to hide how much you gamble?
  7. In the past year have you spent your school dinner money or money for transportation on gambling activities?
  8. In the past year have you taken money from someone you live with, without their knowing, to gamble?
  9. In the past year have you stolen money from outside the family or shoplifted to gamble?
  10. Have you fallen out with members of your family or close friend, because of your behavior?
  11. In the past year have you missed school (5 times or more) to participate in experiences?
  12. In the past year have you gone to someone for help wit a serious money worry caused by participation in gambling?

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