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True stories of gambling's impact on human lives


Montana Council on Problem Gambling Report: 28th National Conference on Problem Gambling

I along with 450 other professionals and individuals from many facets of the gaming and problem gambling fields, including the treatment, research, prevention, responsible gaming and recovery communities participated in the 28th National Conference on Problem Gambling in Orlando, Florida July 9-12, 2014. 

The beautiful setting was lovely and shadowed the exceptional educational sessions and the opportunities to network with colleagues in the field.  The conference was also a celebration of the year-round work in the field accomplished by gambling treatment professionals nationwide.

Of special interest to me was a presentation show case of six different presenters. There was valuable information shared on presentation and treatment modalities. All of the show cased methods could be adapted and used by professionals. My favorite was "Financial Steps A Family Can Take".

I left the conference with renewed energy and commitment to treating problem gamblers in Montana. We are not alone in this endeavor and can access support and education from the National Council and its affiliates in many states. 

I want to thank the Board of the Montana Council on Problem Gambling for the opportunity to attend this conference.  

Montana Council on Problem Gambling Newsletter

Mark Kennedy,President, Montana Council on Problem Gambling


Mark provides an update on the Montana Council on Problem Gambling (MTCPG) and a summary of the Council's challenges and concerns. 

Global Online Gambler Report- January 2007


This report was done by the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University

This is pioneering research aimed to investigate a certain type of gambler (Internet casino and Internet poker players).  this report was limited to attitudes and basic behaviors essential to the Internet gambling experience.